How to choose a cost-effective projector?

How to choose a cost-effective projector?

Nowadays, The projector is no longer a high-tech product. Many people have already bought a projector for home use. When you want to watch a movie, you can take out the projector and experienced same feeling of watching in the theater for free. It’s so cool!

But there are some people who think that the projector is a expensive product and still don’t have projector. However, After using the projector, they figure out that there are many cheap projectors that work well. Although they cannot achieve the best effect of the famous brands, they are also pretty good for home use.

Before we are going to introduce and review, let’s me explain some key words of factors we should know:

  1. lumens. The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time.
  2. ANSI lumens. Testing projectors has been established by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), which involves averaging together several measurements taken at different positions, it is quoted in "ANSI lumens".
  3. native 720P. It means it has 1280x720 panel resolution. The processor can take a 1080 signal but the output will only be 720 based on the resolution of the panel.

OK, it’s time to learn how to choose a cost-effective projector for yourself!

The Shopping guide, 3 things you should know before buying android projector:

  1. When looking for a wifi projector, not only pay attention to the brightness of the light source, but also pay more attention to the brightness parameter ANSI lumens. The brightness of the light source will be lost due to the lens refraction and angle divergence. But the ANSI lumens is the brightness on the screen. So generally ANSI lumens is 30% of the light source brightness. Of course, the brightness is basically proportional to the price.
  2. Be sure to choose a projector with a higher resolution as much as possible, so the projector can project high enough resolution on a white wall or white screen. The HD movies need at least 720P. Note that it is a standard resolution, not a compatible resolution. (It’s different fromsupport 720P or 1080P).
  3. The portability should be high enoughand the weight should be as light as possible. In this case, it can be moved to different spaces at home, and the experience will be better.

Unfortunately, all famous brand projector are very expensive, the average price is over $1000 (RM4400), which is really expensive for us.

But, Today the products I want to review is budget friendly and high quality,


Even though LS-720P projector is not a famous brand projector, the LS-720P projector are qualified by 40 tests, which all are professional tests. Tests checked the camera, wifi, speaker, battery health and everything you care. Furthermore, there is 1 year warranty for LS-720P projector. So, LS-720P project’s quality is guaranteed.

This projector is 720P, supports 1080P and 4K, the brightness of the light source is 3800 lumens and ANSI lumes is about 250. Also it comes with a projection screen and a tripod, the projector net weight is 1.3kg, which can be easily lifted and carried.

The LS-720P is not only have above key factors of the "Shopping Guide", but also have the following significant features:

  1. 2 built-inspeakers. That can bring you amazing sound quality and make you an immersive and impressive experience.
  2. HDMI and USB output. The fast and stable connection for best watching-experience.
  3. keystone correction function. The keystone correction is for you to make the right image rectangle.
  4. compatiblewith mobile phone. This projector work with android phones/Iphone, the projector can easily connect with mobile phone via WiFi.
  5. Memory space 1G+8G. The 9G of memory is big enough to ensure your watching-experience and storage.

So, based on the above information about LS-720P, there are 4 advantages:

  1. 2 projectors are good for home use, specially using at night.
  2. Convenient and good for carry-on.
  3. Budget friendly and good value for money.
  4. high-contrast images and brilliant colors

According to its advantages, I highly recommend you guys use this android TV projector at living room or bedroom for best experience. You will feel a different world.

In summary, this home cinema projector is good for people who don’t have projector and want to try, because this portable movie projector is really budget friendly and good value for money.

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