For studying and entertainment, Is the projector better than TV?

For studying and entertainment, Is the projector better than TV?

Recently, the projector is playing a significant role in home theater system. Specially, we us the wireless projector in education. More and more high-tech products are released. That leads to children have more chance to use electronic device, which cause the number of chidren with myopia is rapidly increasing.

After using TV/computer/mobile phone for a long time, eyes will be tired. However, you probably don’t have this feeling when watching a movie in the cinema. Because the brightness of the projected screen is not high as the TV/computer/mobile phone.

So, many parents worry about children’s eye health. The eye health probelm can affect children’s whole life. But, we can’t study and enjoy entertainment without electronice device. In order to children's eye health and enjoy entertainment at the same time, smart TV projectors are good choice for parents because some research says not all electronic products are harmful for eye health. Furthermore, the projector screen has the unique advantage that is good for tired eyes and it is not easy to get dry (Necessary for family with children)

The 1080P projector uses diffuse reflection to filter out blue light to achieve the positive effect of avoid myopia due to low blue light. In this way, the negative effect to children's eyes is relatively small, and the light from the projector screen is softer. Also, the screen is larger, which is better for watching-experience.

The projector make your room like a small mobile theater, which can leave good impression for children. Definitely, Children will love it.

3 significant factors:

  1. The parameter of a projector, you should focus on the ANSI lumens. Because the brightness of the light source will be lost due to the lens refraction and angle divergence. But the lumens is the brightness on the screen. By the way, the brightness affect the price to increase.
  2. For children, you should buy the projector with a higher resolution as much as possible, so it is positive effect for eye health. The HD movies need at least 720P. Note that it is a native resolution, not a compatible resolution. (It’s different from support 720P or 1080P).
  3. The portability should be high enough and the weight should be as light as possible. Because your children will use projector for studying and watching cartoons. In this case, it can be moved to different spaces at home.

This native 1080P projector is real 1080P, supports 4K, the light source brightness is 5000 lumens and ANSI lumes is about 450, and also comes with a projection screen and a tripod, the net weight is 1.8KG, easy to carry.

The longShopee LS-1080P projector is very cost-effective, small and light. Also, it is very convenient to use.

It is very simple to setup. Only 2 steps to setup, connect the power cable and adjust the focus.

There is no need to buy a external speakers, and it is the best 4k projector for home theater. You can use this projector at anywhere based on your child’s request such as bedroom or living room. Specially, you can use the projector to watch movie or cartoons with your children and parents at raining day, which is called happiness.

The LS-1080P are not only have the above key factors of the "3 significant factors", but also have the following features:

  1. 2 built-inspeakers,
  2. HDMI and USB output,
  3. keystone correction function
  4. compatiblewith mobile phone
  5. Memory space 1G+8G

So, based on the above information about LS-1080P, there are 3 advantages:

  1. 2 projectors are good for home use, specially using at night.
  2. Convenient and good for carry-on.
  3. Budget friendly and good value for money.

According to its advantages, It is better to use this projector for children’s studying and entertainment.

In summary, this projector is good for people who don’t have projector and want to try, because this projector is really budget friendly and good value for money.


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